Contacting woolsack

Stockists of British wool products

If you sell any British wool products then all you have to do to be listed on Woolsack is contact me, Jane Cooper.  Please include the exact url for your British wool product(s) if you also have non-British wool products on your website. My broadband speed makes hunting through websites a slow process.
Please also contact me if you update your website, if you've noticed a broken link on the website, or for any other information that is out of date.

Queries about particular products

Please first use the stockists lists on the website on the left hand side of the home page.  It may also be useful to use the Woolsack facebook group for queries or tweet to Woolsack if you want further information.  That way you can immediately access the considerable knowledge and experience of many British wool enthusiasts.  I'm a busy farmer, so if you do contact me with a product query I may not be able to reply straight away.

Students seeking sponsorship

Please note that Woolsack is not a business.  It's a website run by one unpaid volunteer, aided on social media by other British wool enthusiasts.  Woolsack supporters are delighted if students want to use British wool in their projects and hope that the stockists lists will enable you to more easily contact the most appropriate companies regarding sponsorship.  You may also find it helpful to use the Woolsack facebook group.  Please remember to contact Woolsack to be listed on the website if your future business includes any British wool products.

International companies trying to sell me/Woolsack 'things' or those offering to boost Woolsack's social media – I now delete all these emails and you won't get a reply. 

Woolsack Facebook group

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