British Fleeces

Following is an alphabetical list of all the suppliers of British fleeces that have been identified.  If you know of a stockist or source of British fleeces that is not listed please contact me through the website contact, Facebook Group, Twitter or Ravelry Group so they can be added to the list.

Please note - If you are living outside the UK it is your responsibility to establish the regulations regarding the export of raw fleece from the UK and the import of it to your country.  These regulations change so I'm not listing the current regulations on this website since if they are inadvertantly out of date it may be misleading.

This list should be regarded as a source of information only and not recommendations by anyone involved with Woolsack.


Links checked February 2016

British Coloured Sheep - Marketplace  Listing fleeces for sale by members of British Coloured Sheep Breeders Association

Ceredigion WSD has a link on their Fleece Sampling page to their Good Fleece Guide which contains "details of 19 suppliers, mostly local to us here in west Wales."

LandFelt Directory of fleeces for sale - Local (Dorset) and National

New Forest Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers have a local fleece directory

North Pennines Wool has a page listing local farmers who sell fleeces

There is information about fleeces for sale/swap,  occasionally spun yarns, from British rare breed sheep on the RBST website

The Nude Ewe (a non-profit wool company) has a list of 23 breeds of sheep, many rare, where they can give you contact details for the flock owner to purchase fleece



Events where raw fleeces can be purchased include Masham Sheep Fair, Fibre-East, Woofest, Wonderwool Wales.
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Alphabetical list of suppliers of raw or washed fleece

ANDREW CAPELL@shepherdCaps Whitefaced Woodland Manx Loaghtan & Hebridean fleeces for handspinners. Contact through twitter
Beilidu Manx Loaghtan Sheep  Beilidu Manx Loaghtan fleeces weigh approximately 1kg (2lbs) unwashed, from which a soft woollen spin with demi-lustre can be produced. Staple length ranges from 5cm to 12cm (2-5in). The fleeces have a Bradford count of 48 to 54. There is no kemp in the fleeces.
The fleeces reflect the natural colours of the sheep in the flock. Most of the Beilidu flock have dark brown fleeces with golden tips, but the wool becomes a paler brown or silver-gray as the animals age.
Broadstone Longwools UK  Broadstone Longwools UK breed and sell fleeces from Devon and Cornwall Longwools, Coloured Wensleydales, Leicester Longwools. Contact through linked facebook link or email  Website under construction.
Caroline Jellicoe, Nantwich
Zwartbles fleeces from the Tiger Zwartbles flock 01058  csjellicoe AT
Cassington Farm, Maybole, Ayrshire, KA19 7LF Scotland
0777 193 4071 or matt AT
I have a large flock of Bluefaced Leicesters, Scotch Mules (Scottish Blackface X Bluefaced Leicesters), Cheviot Mules(Cheviot X Bluefaced Leicesters),  and pure Cheviots. A limited number of coloured fleeces also available. I sell the fleeces raw as they come off the ewe. I pack and deliver to all UK addresses. Fleeces ready for sale now.
Cotswold Vale Alpacas  We have alpaca fleeces for sale, various colours and quality, suitable for spinning and felting, we can proivde various amounts and qualities, for whatever you are planning to do.
Eaton Hill Farm  We have approx 13 Jacob sheep fleeces available that were done this summer (2016). We would be looking at selling them for £5 each. They have been sorted through so that any dirt / debris has been removed. We are based just outside of Melton Mowbray in Eaton. Contact
Eden Gotland Sheep 
The best fleece is grown through summer and early autumn so late autumn or winter shearing gives the best fleece for hand spinning.  I don’t use any chemicals on my sheep.  We hand shear our sheep with care and the fleece is hand sorted to ensure you get the best.
Ewe Spinning Me A Yarn  Farming, and supplying fleece from our own Gotlands, Cotswold, Shetlands, British Stein, Welsh Mountain, Welsh Mules, Beaulah Speckled Faced, Coloured Mules, Texel X's. Raw, and washed fleece available
Farm Animal Sanctuary Evesham, Worcestershire WR11 8LN
Did you know we sell our fleeces to help raise funds? All the sheep have to be sheared each year for welfare reasons and we then have around 200 fleeces that are of good quality to sell. They are chosen by Liz, one of our long term supporters who spins and knits herself, with spinners especially in mind. Each fleece weighs approximately 2 kilos and has had all the dirty bits removed. Postage and packing is at cost.
Farmer Dixon  Complete raw skirted fleeces.  Shropshire, Norfolk Horn, Coloured Ryeland, Balwen, Zwartbles, Jacob, Gotland & a few British Lavenders.
Farnell Farm  Portland fleeces.  A quality unwashed fleece with most off the dirty bits removed. Minimum size 1Kg.

Fernbourn Fleeces Newbigging, KW17 2AN Whitehall, Orkney - Icelandic fleeces (sold out 2013), also North Ronaldsay and Shetland from 2014. Contact through fb atm but website coming in 2014

Fernhill Farm  We sell freshly shorn shetland fleeces in all the colours, coloured Romney X Shetland and the Mendip Smashem is pure white glowing with true lustre. Lambs wool is super soft sold by the Kg

Flockable Lasses Notified 2 June 2013 - 16 Whitefaced Woodland fleeces incl some shearling ewes  (Link to twitter photo) 11 Castlemilk Moorit as well.

Fowlescombe Farm Organic Hebridean and Manx fleeces in 2 qualities

Garyeannna Alpacas  Full fleeces for sale. Available in white, fawn, medium brown, chocolate brown and black

Gennel Wensleydales  Wensleydale & BFL fleeces from North Yorkshire smallholding

Hebridean Isles Trading Company Fleeces from Blackface & Hebridean sheep on Colonsay (Island on the Edge) Online ordering

Home Farm Wensleydales  Wensleydale & Bluefaced Leicester fleeces - both breeds in white and coloured fleece.

Isle of Auskerry - Whole unwashed North Ronaldsay fleeces, whole washed fleeces, washed & combed fleece.

Kennixton Sheep - Poll Dorset fleeces

LittleFfarm Dairy  Ffarm Fach’s flock of Shetland/Ryeland ewes offer a number of fine-quality fleeces for sale.  These are ideal for handspinning & are available in a variety of natural colours

Millfields Rare Breeds  Hebridean and possibly Boreray fleeces. Purchase through website.

Mudchute Farm Rare breed wool, Reared and Sheared on the Isle of Dogs.  Online ordering or collect from farm.

Natural Yarn  Shetland, Manx Loaghtan, Hebridean, Jacob, Norfolk Horn, White Faced Woodland. 

Olwen Veevers  My specialist sheep flock is mainly Corriedale based.  The sheep are shorn in December and housed during the winter lambing period. This early shearing keeps the fleeces clean and free from the debris. Even with this precaution all my fleeces are carefully picked over before sale to remove any vegetable matter and to inspect them for quality. I can also supply fleece washed and carded for those who prefer an even cleaner product for various hand craft uses. The natural (undyed) colours range from black through greys and moorit to champagne and occasionally white.

Pantcyfyng Farm  Can supply: raw wool from improved Welsh, Welsh Mules, Black Welsh Mountain, Jacobs and some cross breds.

PigsPoultrySheep  Fleeces from Boreray, Soay, Jacob and Badger-Faced sheep. Contact through website (website temporarily unavailable)

Rampisham Hill Farm  Dorset Down, Poll Dorset and Exmoor Horn as raw and washed fleece.  We prefer you to visit us (Beaminster, Dorset) and choose your own fleece as they all vary slightly in staple length, crimp and lustre, however if you are unable to visit we offer a postage service at cost price which is usually about £6 for up to three fleeces anywhere in mainland UK. Please contact us with your postcode and we can confirm a price
Romney Fleece from Vale of Glamorgan  Pure Romney fleeces.  The fleeces are cleaned of dirty wool but unwashed.  Contact or ring 01656890015
Scottish Wool  
Middletown Farm has been the home of our pedigree flocks of Shetland and Ryeland sheep for over 25 years. We are breeders of sheep in Scotland and specialise in fleece for handspinners. We hand shear the sheep ourselves and carefully prepare each fleece for sale. Breeds are Shetland, Ryeland and a few Polwarth cross Ryeland. We have white and coloured fleeces from each breed. We specialise in fleece for hand spinner and have been supplying our local Scottish spinners since we started. We also export fleeces around the world and celebrate over 20 years of shipping to USA and Japan. We compete in fleece show each year and last year won the Fleece Championship at the Royal Highland Show and represented Scotland in the BWMB Finals for the Golden Fleece. We select fleeces for each individual spinner to match the fleece to the project.

Shankend Sheep - raw fleeces available for sale, prices start at £4.00. Fleeces still available from the 2013 clip include Hebridean fleeces, (hogg and ewe fleeces), Shetland ewe fleeces, Herdwick ewe fleeces and Texel cross Cheviot fleeces. Contact:- e-mail mobile:- 07791117425

Shear Sheep  Wool for Handspinners: Fine Spinning fibre and Rare Breed Sheep fleeces.  Over 30 different breeds.

Shepherd's Delight  Purebred Jacob and crossbred fleeces.  Located in Devon.
South Yeo Farm West  Torddu Badgerface, Torwen Badgerface and Whiteface Dartmoor fleeces.  Contact information on website.
StarChild Alpacas  Good quality 100% Huacaya and Suri raw fibre from several of our alpacas.  Natural colours. Raw Llanwenog Fleece 100gram bags
Strathearn Fleece & Fibre  We offer a wide range of Strathearn produced raw fleeces. These are home-grown or selected by us for quality and are mostly first clip. We offer advice on the best breed for your requirements, including Blue Texel, Jacob, Zwartbles, Bluefaced Leicester (cream and grey/brown) and Texel
Taibach Ryelands & Rhino Coloured Ryelands  Coloured and white Ryeland fleeces.
The Honorwood Flocks  Shetland, Icelandic, Jacob, Soay.
Crosses of these, e.g. Shetland x Soay, Icelandic x Shetland, Icelandic x Blue de Maine etc.  (as available)
The Little Grey Sheep at Well Manor Farm  Fleece from a large number of breeds including Stein & British Merino.  Online ordering
The Risby Flock of Pedigree Lincoln Longwools  Whole & part fleeces & washed locks
Thornlea Farm, Macclesfield.  Teeswater fleeces for sale, they are raw/unwashed, also have Herdwick, Charolais and Texel.  Contact storer-g AT or 07816387620
Tufton Smallholding, Whitchurch, Hants.  Shetland & Corriedale fleeces
Tweedside Jacobs  Jacob and Gotland raw fleeces via website. Jacob first shear lamb fleeces for sale in January and May each year and Gotland first shear lamb, wether and ewe fleeces in May and October each year.  We are also willing to post fleeces out.
Wheels and Wool  Raw fleece sold by 100g of breeds including Ryeland, Portland, Bowmont
Williams Wools  3 Kirkland, Kendal Cumbria, LA9 5AF
Small amounts of washed fleece from different breeds & Alpaca

Ystrad Organic Wensleydale fleece including washed and lambswool