British Wool Stuffing

If you know of a stockist or source of British wool stuffing that is not listed please contact me through the website contactFacebook GroupTwitter or Ravelry Group so they can be added to the list.

Please note - Falklands wool is being regarded as British for Woolsack since it is from a British Overseas Territory.

This list should be regarded as a source of information only and not recommendations by anyone involved with Woolsack.


Wool has many advantages as a stuffing material.  Quite apart from being fully washable, excellent loft & memory, sustainable and often produced as an otherwise waste product from spinning mills, it is naturally flame resistant to UK standards.  Hazen Tindall gives very good tips about using wool stuffing on her website.

A Yarn From North Ronaldsay  This is the short fibres left over from the carding process which is good for stuffing and felting supplied in 200g bags.

Dojo Ecoshop Organic British wool.  Organically cleaned.
Hand carded in Manchester. 

Jamieson & Smith Cushion Filling. A natural, eco-friendly by-product of our yarn, our 100% wool cushion filling made from a special blend of wool makes a beautiful, bouncy filling for your cushions, stuffed toys or other crafts.

World of Wool - Carded lambswool and Scoured lambswool - These filling are quite heavy but are quite lofty. They're perfect for toys, pillows, cushions etc.  Wool Balls - This filling is quite a heavy firm filling. It's perfect for toys, pillows and cushions.