Special products using unique qualities of wool

This is a list of a wide range of different British Wool products that use some or all of the unique properties of wool.

Ackroyd and Dawson Somerset Wool String.  100% wool string made from British Wool, can be used indoors or out. It is almost all nitrogen so when it decomposes in your garden it will feed it!

Chimney Sheep - Chimney Sheep is a draught excluder for chimneys made of felted Herdwick wool. It is pushed into the narrow part of the chimney when the fire is out.  Sizes & shapes to fit different chimmeys.  Simple to use.

Crookabeck Herdwicks  Dog leads made from Herdwick wool

Dalefoot Composts  Peat free wool composts.  "Potash rich bracken forms the base for all our composts. We blend herdwick Sheep's wool into all our Wool Composts for improved water retention and slow release nitrogen.  We only use 100% natural ingredients from the fells surrounding our farm in the Lake District."

Griffin Nuumed Equestrian  NuuMed wool numnahs and saddlepads.  "Griffin NuuMed use only British Wool, a natural fibre which is soft, cool and strong. Whilst it is robust and resilient, it is also comfortable and practical."

Sheep Wool Insulation  Sheep Wool Insulation produces a range of high performing, safe & eco friendly insulation products from natural sheep's wool.

Thermafleece - "Wool is the ideal natural fibre to use for thermal insulation. It’s efficient, sustainable, safe, durable and affordable. No wonder we use wool to create THERMAFLEECE, one of the most sustainable and best-performing ranges of insulation available today."

Twool - Natural, versatile twine made in Devon from the 'lustre' long wool of the rare breed Whiteface Dartmoor sheep.  Dyed & undyed.

Woolcool - "Sheep’s wool is a sustainable and highly effective natural insulation material which we have used to design and develop Woolcool eco-friendly packaging products and packaging solutions, offering impressive performance and cost benefits.  Rigorous testing to industry standards in our own environmental chambers supported by independent trials consistently proves that Woolcool insulated packaging will keep contents at required constant temperatures for longer than conventional packaging."

Woolly Shepherd - "We source low value wool locally and make it into beautiful, practical items for your home, person and business.
From Acoustic Clouds and felted boot liners, to insulated packaging, wine coolers, cushion stuffing, and kindle or mobile phone covers, our range is inspired by the fundamental qualities of wool."