Stockists of British Wool

This is the stockists page that helped people source their British wool for the Olympic and Paralympic Cushions.

The current, expanded stockists pages for British wool can be found in the menu here


Lists of stockists of British wool yarn, fabric and British wool fleece/fibre for spinning and felting.

British Wool is the term Woolsack is using to refer to wool from British sheep, both breed-specific wool and wool blended from different breeds.  Wool and fibre from the Falkland Islands, a British Overseas Territory, is also regarded as British Wool.  Fibre from other animals including Alpaca, Angora, Llama, Mohair and Camel can also be used as long as the fibre is sourced from within the UK.

Please note that some spinning mills within the UK use wool sourced from outside the UK, so please check with the mill if the yarn you are considering using is made with British Wool.

If you know of any stockists of any British wool products that aren't listed on the pages, then please inform us through this website, the facebook group, or the Woolsack group on so we can add them to our alphabetical lists: