Information for delegates to Chefs de Mission Seminars

Sample Cushion/Pillow

We hope you have been able to see some cushions at the Chefs de Mission Seminars.

If you would like a sample cushion to examine further, including a sample of the stuffing used if required, then please contact us through this website, or using the emails on the information flyer, so we can arrange delivery to your Embassy or Consulate.

Details about the cushions/pillows

The cushions are made from pure British wool and stuffed with clean processed British wool stuffing.

They are 16 inches/40cm square in size and generally weigh around 400g.

Wool is naturally fire retardant and requires very little in the way of maintenance and washing.

Wool fibres have 'memory' so only a little stuffing is required to give a cushion that remains comfortable and bouncy.  Unlike feather and synthetic stuffings these cushions don't need 'fluffing up'.

This also means that the cushions can be very tightly compacted and squashed but will revert to their shape when unwrapped/unpacked.

Getting the cushions home

We are aware of difficulties some athletes may have with fitting everything into their luggage for travelling home.  We have designed the cushions to enable them to be packed very tightly if necessary and to have a low weight for the high comfort level.

These are also practical items and many people use cushions or similar when travelling.  This affords the option for athletes to simply carry their cushion onto the plane and use it to sit on or as a pillow during their journey.  This will not spoil the cushion in any way - they have been designed to be used.

If you would prefer to arrange to have your athletes' cushions sent to your country we can get the cushions to your collection and packing point within the UK.

Some athletes may prefer to post their cushion home - the size and weight of the cushions makes this a practical option.

Distributing cushions to athletes

We are hoping to be able to get a cushion to every athlete who would like one, where possible allowing athletes to choose a cushion they like rather than just being given one.

There are many ways in which this can be arranged, especially if we focus on getting the cushions to the athletes during the pre-Games training period.

You may wish to involve some element of presentation, but it may also be more appropriate for the athletes to quietly be able to choose a cushion from a selection at their training camp or accommodation.  We can work with you to plan the timing and method of distribution that would best suit your athletes.  If you or they would like to meet any local people who have been involved with making cushions, or to learn about sheep and wool through a short light-hearted presentation then this can also be arranged for them.

If you prefer then you can ask for cushions to be available in your Olympic Village Accommodation and we can get the cushions there for you.

Caring for the Cushions

The cushions will have a cloth label attached giving the international care symbols for appropriate washing.

Pure wool cushions do not need to be washed very often if at all.  Dry dust and dirt can just be shaken or brushed off.  Wet dirt can be allowed to dry and then shaken or brushed off.

The cushions can be hand washed using cool water and small amount of any simple soap or wool washing product.  They can just be left to soak for a short period (10 minutes) in this water, gently squeezed, but must not be rubbed or wrung out at all.

They should then be rinsed in a similar manner using cool water, pressed to squeeze out excess water and placed where they can drain.

When nearly dry they can be put in a warm place, with the stuffing fluffed up at intervals, until the whole cushion is completely dry.