Blogging about Woolsack experiences - read more personal stories here

This is a list of blog entries about Woolsack posted by people involved with the project in some way.

Looking back to Wonderwool  May 2011.  Posted by Sue Blacker

The Knitter Blog   May 18 2011.  Posted by Sue Blacker

Woolsack at the East of England Show.  June 2011.  Posted by Heather

Fun at Fibre-East   August 2011.  Posted by The Knitter

British Wooltastic - from Knit.Spin.Cake.  September 2011.  Includes link to podcast.  Posted by Aimée

'Lets make it' - Cushions for Olympic Athletes.  Community projects involving Woolsack in the Weymouth & Portland areas.  November 2011.  Posted by Julie McCabe

Woolsack at Knit Expo.  13 November 2011.  Posted by Sue Blacker

Wovember: Woolsack and Sue Blacker  23 November 2011  Posted by Felicity Ford

Episode 33: Woolsack - A Call To Arms   5 December 2011.  Posted by Nic. 

Audrey's Tea Shop  18 December 2011.  Posted by Anna Elliott

Knitting-With-Needles   January 6 2012

Campaign for Wool   January 20 2012

Cook Quilt Make And Bake January 28 2012.  Posted by Sam

Black Cat Originals - Olympic Knitting    6 March 2012.  Posted by Sarah Adie.

Interweave Spinning Daily March 8 2012. Posted by Kate Larson

Emma Fountain  13 March 2012.  Posted by Emma Fountain-Hewitt

NicsKnots March 25 2012.  Posted by Nic Lucas

In The Making  March 25 2012  Posted by Joanne

A Handweavers Blog March 26 2012.  Posted by Chris Jordan

Yarns from the Plain - podcast - Get Stuffed April 23 2012  Posted by Nic

Anorak  17 May 2012  Posted by Anorak

Edinburgh Eye  May 18 2012  Posted by Jane Carnall

Poetry in Yarn  May 21 2012  Posted by Lindsey Stephens

The Domestic Soundscape  May 23 2012  Posted by Felicity Ford

Stuffing Cushions and wool, wool, wool...... May 31 2012.  Posted by kathfozz

Yarns from the Plain - Media Storm.  June 10 2012.  Posted by Nic

Voie de Vie:  Anyone for a little British Wool?  June 15 2012.  Posted by Denise (Deniseworld on Ravelry)

Freckles and Flowers  July 27 2012  Posted by Paula

A Life of Fibre  July 28 2012  Posted by Angela Barrow

Knitprints: Woolsack, In support of British Wool August 2 2012.  Posted by Kristina (dergugelhupf on Raverly)

Spinning Daily  August 3 2012  Posted by Kate Larson

Woolly Words  August 30 2012  Posted by Alison


Legacy Blogs

Legacy is a word that has been used rather freely around the 2012 Games.  I'm pleased to say that the Woolsack website, post 2012, isn't the only REAL legacy.  Here are blogs about how Woolsack has inspired other people.

Knitting a Life  December 1 2012  Posted by Jane

A British Wool-Along: Throwing down the gauntlet  January 3 2013  Posted by Louise