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July 2016
The new Single Farm Yarns page has proved very popular and I've now added a page for Regional Yarns and Wool Products.  In early July there was some serious misrepresentation about British wool & sheep made as part of a fundraising effort on Kickstarter, and in associated social media.  In response to this a new page has been started listing flocks of sheep in the UK that are Wool-Only flocks and people who wish to purchase wool products from such flocks are already finding it helpful to have easily available links to them all.  Also, since this isn't the first time that outrageous and wholly incorrect claims have been made about the welfare of British sheep and shearing practices, I've taken experienced advice to help me put together a page giving a summary of the true facts about British sheep welfare, with links to official regulations and guidance.  This can all be found on the Welfare of Sheep & Shearing in UK page.
Please do let me know about Single Farm or Regional Yarns that aren't already listed, and any more Wool-Only Flocks that I've not yet found.
October 2015
I'd just like to remind all the stockists and businesses listed on Woolsack that there are no commercial links at all.  The Woolsack website remains a free service that is run and funded by Jane (who is passionate about British wool) with help from some lovely volunteers. 
So if you are contacted by anyone suggesting or giving the impression that they have some special link or validation from Woolsack, then this just isn't the case.  Anyone could go through the website to get contact details for all the British wool related businesses and contact them. 
Please treat any commercial contacts from anyone suggesting they are linked to the Woolsack website with due caution and apply normal checks before entering any agreement or handing over any money.
December 2014
The Woolsack twitter feed can now be viewed on the website Home Page and News Page.
November 2013
New website page, Sheep Sponsoring/Adoption, to see if there is sufficient demand from spinners/knitters/crafters who would like a more personal relationship with a sheep or flock and to be able to end up with fleece, fibre or yarn from 'their' sheep or share of a flock.
October 2013
New page added to the website:
List of Hand Knitters and Hand Spinners who offer a professional  spinning to order or knitting to order service.

This list is the result of numerous requests for such services through the contact page and realising it would be helpful for people to have a list of some of those offering these services.

February 2013
Two more new pages added to the website:
I've started the pages off with places and events I know about and have started searching the internet, but there will be many places and events that I've not found.  I want to list small, local events & places to visit as well as those of national prominence.  Please use the contact page to let me know of any not listed
January 2013
I've added a new page to the website: Assessing a Fleece for Buyers and Sellers
This has links to information about how to choose a good fleece for handspinning and advice and information for farmers to help them produce the best quality fleeces for sale to handspinners.
For the whole of November the amazing, informative, totally distracting WOVEMBER website is full of posts, news and images of WOOL.  It's all about wearing wool this November and celebrating that real wool comes from real sheep. 
Every day new posts are added to the website and this year the theme is around “closing the gap” between producers and consumers of yarn.
Whether you grow wool, process it, craft with it, or turn it into amazing woolly garments & items there will be something to interest and delight you in WOVEMBER!
18 October 2012
We're in the middle of British Wool Week now and what a week it's turning out to be!  This is the general events page for Campaign for Wool, but much more detailed information can be found in the Love Wool UK section.
10 October 2012

We're in the middle of Shetland Wool Week and looking forward to Love Wool UK (UK Wool Week) starting on 15 October.  See the list of Love Wool UK events here

Also taking place during UK Wool Week are Yorkshire Wool Week, Strathearn Wool Week and Wool School & Clickety Click on the Clickety Clack - see Campaign for Wool events for more details.

A new book has just been published with information about knitting with wool from different breeds of British sheep and including patterns for knitting with single-breed yarns.  Pure Wool reviewed by Deborah Robson

There will be a page on the website listing books of interest to British sheep and wool enthusiasts, but in the meantime, if you don't already have a copy of The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook you may want to check it out.