Hand Knitters, Weavers & Spinners

List of Hand Knitters, Hand Spinners, Weavers & others who offer a professional  spinning, weaving, knitting or crochet to order service. 

This list is the result of numerous requests for such services through the contact page and realising it would be helpful for people to have a list of some of those offering these services.

Woolsack cannot give any recommendations - this is just a link to existing websites and other on-line sources.  Any arrangements anyone makes with a knitter or spinner are wholly outside the responsibility of Woolsack.


If any professional hand spinners or hand knitters would like to be listed here, please contact me with details of your website or preferred contact details to be listed here.


Heritage Handknits Commissions undertaken for knitting of all kinds. Traditional knits a speciality but I am happy to design anything.
The Wool Boat  Any of the garments on this page can be commissioned to be knit in British wool, including Gansey sweaters.  Contact Colin & Carole here


Heritage Handknits  Commissions undertaken for crochet.  While I specialise in filet designs, such as those used in narrowboats and gypsy caravans, I have made crochet accessories and wedding dresses.


Jennie Howes' Hand Spun Yarns
I am offering a spin to order service too.  If you want some yarn for a specific project - just a certain amount or weight or colour, please use the contact form and let me know what you need - we can work it out! 
WOOLRUSH YARNS was set up by Gilleoin Finlay - Coull in 2009. Yarns are spun from natural animal & plant fibresmuch of it being sourced locally. Living in Midlothian, close to Scotland's capital city of Edinburgh, she is dedicated to preserving and promoting this ancient Scottish tradition, through teaching these skills to others as well as selling her own range of unique yarns ,designs and finished products.
Spinning commissions accepted.
I offer a bespoke hand spinning service for your own fleeces which includes washing, carding and spinning the fleece to your specification. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


It takes between three and four hours from setting-up to finishing weaving each blanket. To complete a Scarf takes between two and three hours. I create products which will last and be used by the owner and not by means of automation; time, patience and passion goes into my work, you can't buy that with machined goods. 
Materials are not cheap to buy, but it's naturally soft as I only use British Wool from the United Kingdom and the British Falkland Islands for most of my work. It is quality yarn, made to be used and enjoyed
I'm a really tiny business but have had 7 commissions this year where people send me their
special wool to weave or they want me to dye something for them.

Spinning AND Knitting or Weaving

Cartmel Handspun, Lindale-in-Cartmel, Cumbria. 
Contract high end hand spinning undertaken by experienced spinner (50+ years!!) Unique one off yarns to your own specification. Fibers sourced direct from UK breeders of rare breed sheep, cashmere goats and alpacas.
Icelandic style knits hand knitted in hand spun 100% pure wool or wool/alpaca blend. Today's ultimate fashion statement!  All fibers sourced in the UK. Choose your own colours and I'll hand-dye the wool to suit or choose from several self coloured rare breed yarns. Lead in time 10 - 12 weeks.
Contact: Elaine Ware, Cartmel Handspun. email: carmelhandspun@live.co.uk

Judy Brett  "I am willing to undertake commissions for hand spinning and knitting at very
reasonable rates.  I can be contacted on thewoolstation@gmail.com"

Looking for unique, hand-made knitted pieces? Hand spun and dyed yarn and fibre? Look no further than Knatters Knits!  Knatters Knits is a small company based near Preston in the north west of England.  We take commissions for both knitting and spinning. If you have some specific in mind please contact us

Snàth handspun yarns and handknits
My  handspun wool and luxury fibre yarns are made mainly from wool fleeces produced on Islay’s farms.  Fleeces are collected from farmers and crofters, then sorted, washed, combed or carded and finally spun by me on vintage spinning wheels in my farm cottage.  Specially commissioned handspun yarns or individually designed handknits are available to order. 

The Murmuring Wheel  I can provide Commission handspinning of your own fleece or pet combings into knitting yarn. Quality knitted and crocheted items or handspun knitting wool for sale. I am also happy to consider knitting or crochet commissions.
Do you have an unfinished knitted or crocheted item that you would like to see completed? Have you found a pattern that you love but can't knit or crochet for yourself? Do you have an old jumper that you would like copied? For any of the above please contact me to see if I can help.