British Wool Fibre

Following is an alphabetical list of all the sources & stockists of British breeds wool fibre and British blended wool fibre that have been identified.  If you know of a stockist or source of British wool fibre that is not listed please contact me through the website contact, Facebook Group, Twitter or Ravelry Group so they can be added to the list.

Please note - Some of these stockists also stock fibre in addition to their British breeds/British blended wool fibre that may not be British.  You may need to check with them if you're unsure if a particular product was 'grown' on British animals.  Falklands wool is being regarded as British for this project since it is from a British Overseas Territory.

This list should be regarded as a source of information only and not recommendations by anyone involved with Woolsack.


Checked and updated November 2015

Alphabetical list of Stockists of British Wool Fibre

Adelaide Walker - Washed fleece and undyed tops - many breeds.  English tops dyed.  All British wool clearly marked on the website.

Adora Angora - "I am a British hobby breeder of pure continental angora rabbits & have beautiful angora fibre in various colours. None of the rabbits are harmed by collecting the fibre".  sarah.dowie AT

All In A Spin  Clun Forest, Zwartbles, Lincoln Longwool
Roving, carded batts, washed fleece
Alterknit Universe  Fibre hand dyed with natural dyes. Breeds include BFL & Blackface
Roving, locks
Whitefaced Woodland and Manx blended with Hebridean carded Fibre. National Trust. Contact through twitter

Artisan Threads - Shetland, Blue Faced Leicester, Border Leicester, Jacob, Romney, Gotland
Roving, dyed fleece

Babylonglegs - Hand-dyed tops for hand spinning and felting. British breeds stocked include Shetland and Falklands Merino. All base fibres sourced from British producers and personally test spun to ensure good quality and ease of spinning. Custom dyeing welcomed.
Rovings, combed top

Barnacre Alpacas - Rovings

Bits and Fleeces - Raw Shetland fleece

Black Bat - Over 10 different breeds and blends.
Carded batts & roving

Black Cat Fibres - Bluefaced Leicester, Yak, Merino, Shetland.

Blackbird Fibres - BFL, Falkland Merino cross, Suffolk, Jacob, Texel - dyed

Bluefaced Yarn Shop - Shetland, Kid Mohair
Blueface454 - Shropshire, Texel, Falkland Islands, English blend
Roving, Neps
Box Moor Trust Hemel Hempstead -We have a large flock of Norfolk Horn sheep, and have processed some of their fibre. We have a few batts for sale.  We can be contacted on 01442 253300 or admin AT
Brownberry Yarns
Fleece & Dyed Roving
Bunloit Woolery  We have our own home reared Gotland and Shetland fleece and BFL and Ryelands from our neighbour's farm.  3 Balbeg, Bunloit, IV63 6XQ Inverness  01456 450301

Colourful Designs - BFL, Falkland Merino/Polworth cross, Shetland, Cheviot, Masham - hand painted/dyed
Spinning fibre and yarn

Countess Ablaze Bluefaced Leicester & Wensleydale hand dyed fibre.  Online ordering

DT Craft & Design - Bluefaced Leicester, Merino, Alpaca, Shetland, Wensleydale, Corriedale, Falkland, Camel, Exmoor Horn
Top, fleece

Easyknits - Bluefaced Leicester & Exmoor Blueface blend
spinning fibre - hand dyed

Eden Gotland Sheep  Carded undyed batts of Gotland fibre.
carded batts

Evesham Farm Animal Sanctuary Contact through moonmoss on - Shetland, Hebridean, Jacob, Leicesters, Suffolks, Coloured Wensleydale, Kerry Hill, Portland, Norfolk Horn, Cotswold, Hebridean
Skirted fleece

Ewe Spinning Me A Yarn  Farming, and supplying fleece from our own Gotlands, Cotswold, Shetlands, British Stein, Welsh Mountain, Welsh Mules, Beaulah Speckled Faced, Coloured Mules, Texel X's.
Tops, drum carded batts

Farmer Dixon  Shropshire, Kerry Hill & Balwen washed and carded wool from flocks on the farm.
Washed & carded wool

Farnell Farm - Rare breed Portland.
Yarn & Batts for spinning or felt, plus fleece

Freyalyn's Fibres  -Hand dyed spinning fibre & fleece. Many breeds & blends including, BFL, Cheviot, Dorset Horn, Southdown, Jacob, Shetland, Masham, Suffolk

Spinning fibre, dyed fleece

Garthenor Organic Pure Wool - Up to 16 different breeds - UK breeds, Certified organic sheep.

George Weil Craft Supplies - Tops and prepared fibres for felting and spinning - Undyed.  Breeds include Shetland, Suffolk, Teeswater/Wensleydale, Black Welsh Mountain, Bluefaced Leicester, Cheviot, Devon Longwool, Downland Blend, Herdwick, Jacob and blended lustrous Longwools.
Spinning and felting fibre 
Gilliangladrag - Bluefaced Leicester, Jacob & Shetland natural coloured tops for felting
Felting fibre

Glaven Flock of Norfolk Horn Sheep

Great British Yarns  - Jillybean exclusive dyed tops. This wool is 100% British, dyed, spun, carded all in the UK.

Griffiths Mill - Mohair, Blue Faced Leicester, Texel, Zwartbles, Jacob, Wensleydale, Southdown, Suffolk and Leicester Longwool Boreray, Lincoln Longwool, Est a Laine Merino . The Wensleydale, Mohair and Est a Laine Merino are their own flocks, and they have a mini mill on site
Scoured fleece, batts, rovings

Hazel Court Naturals - Washed and carded fleece from the farm's flock of Ryeland Sheep.  Contact through website or tel 01531 67112301531 671123
washed fleece

Heathylee Guanaco - 100% British Guanaco from Heathylee's herd of Guanaco farmed in the Peak District.
50g bag of pure guanaco fibre — dehaired to the highest standard.  Described as like ‘spinning from a cloud’

Heidifeathers - Felting kits including fibre from Black Welsh Mountain, Manx Loaghtan, Bluefaced Leicester. Also dyed Teeswater locks.
Tops & locks

Highbury Farm - Poll Dorset/Mule.Fleece & Spinning Fibre

Highside Farm Fleece to Yarn -Spinners flock of sheep including Wensleydale, Teeswater, Gotland and Texel Cross, sometimes crossed with other breeds including Jacob

Raw & washed fleece, dyed fleece, rovings


HilltopCloud - Carded batts, hand blended roving, and dyed fibre for spinners, including spinning fiber from British breeds of sheep. Too many breeds to list, with with special emphasis on British wool & breeds.
Washed fleece, dyed fibre, roving, batts, undyed British breeds

Isle of Auskerry - North Ronaldsay

John Arbon Textiles - Exmoor Blueface (breed produced by crossing Blue Faced Leicester & Exmoor Horn), Blue Faced Leicester, Merino, Exmoor Horn
spinning fibre

Knitter Scarlet -Hand painted spinning fibre - some British breeds & wool (also some handspun)
Spinning Fibre

Loddington Longwool - Leicester Longwool locks. Natural white & brown. Unwashed.

Moondance Wools - Shetland, Jacob, Alpaca (UK), Yak
Fleece, fibre

Natural Born Dyers - Shetland, Shropshire, Manx Loaghtan fibre. Dyed using natural dyes extracted from plants

New Forest Mohair - Hand dyed fleece & carded fibre.
Fleece, fibre

North Ronaldsay Mill - North Ronaldsay
Washed fleece, Roving, batts, pre-felt

Northern Lace - North Ronaldsay
Natural and hand dyed yarn in various weights
Roving in 5 natural colours
(Book on North Ronaldsay Sheep, yarn & Island)

P & M Woolcraft - Black Welsh Mountain, Bluefaced Leicester, Cheviot, Corriedale, Merino, Shetland, Wensleydale, Teeswater
Spinning fibre

Pinkipunki  A Grade Premium English Teeswater & Cotswold Locks. Dyed & undyed

Pistyll Gwyn Alpacas -Natural & dyed Extra-fine Alpaca
Spinning batts

Prim Peacock -Prim Peacock fibres are hand-dyed on Orkney, with an emphasis on the locally sourced Noth Ronaldsay fibre.
Spinning batts & roving

Rampisham Hill Farm
Carded Poll Dorset

RBST Wool Exchange - Rare breed fleece and some prepared fibre and yarns - adverts from RBST members.

R.E. Dickie Ltd - BFL & other British breeds

Rosewood Farms - Kerry Hill, raw fleece, yarn in chunky, aran & dk - all natural white colour

Sara's Texture Crafts
Many different breeds of British natural and dyed tops for felting and spinning. Locally sourced British fleece.
fleece, fibre & tops

Scottish Fibres - Shetland, BFL, Wensleydale, Gotland & few others
fleece, fibre & tops

Shearer Girl Yarns
Breed specific spinning fibre and hand spun/dyed yarn.

Sheepfold  Black Welsh Mountain, North Ronaldsay, Manx Loaghtan, Hebridean shearling, Herdwick shearling
Scoured and carded fleece from named or regional flocks

Sid Valley Fine Fibres  - Alpaca - various colours including Suri Alpaca locks.
Sheep - Wensleydale - black or white including batts. Blue Faced - Leicester - fine fleece
Locks & carded batts

Spinwise - Commercially combed white wool tops in breeds including Masham, BFL, Cheviot, Falkland Merino

The Little Orkney Dye Shed - Hand dyed North Ronaldsay wool rovings.  Pam works from a converted shed overlooking the Scapa Flow and draws her inspiration from the surrounding area. The wide and unique variety of flora and fauna, as well as the flotsam and jetsam on the shoreline, give rise to the colours and textures of her works.

The Spinning Barn at Spotty Pig Farm  Professionally prepared slivers of wool from North Ronaldsay sheep, Icelandic sheep and Angora goats.

Strathearn Fleece & Fibre  Ready to hand-spin, wet or needle-felt, our rovings are all from sheep reared in Strathearn.  Also hand dyed Wensleydale curls
Rovings, locks
Teeswater Yarns - Teeswater
Fleece (dyed)

The Border Mill  We can supply loose clean alpaca fibre or rovings in a range of natural colours, perfect for handspinning, felt making and all sorts of other craft uses. We also make rug yarn – a fabulous soft rope-like yarn which can obviously be used to make rugs, but much else beside. Also dyed pure alpaca rovings

The Double Ewe  Spinning Fiber, Batts, Roving & Hand Dyed Fiber. Shetland, North Ronaldsay, British Breeds Samplers

The Gedgrave Flock - Wensleydale
 fleece, fibre - black & white undyed & dyed

The Honorwood Flocks -Icelandic, Shetland, Hebridean, Mohair, Shetland x Jacob
Washed & carded natural coloured wools & kid mohair

The Little Grey Sheep at Well Manor Farm - Southdown, Shetland, Gotland, Gotland X

The Nude Ewe Conservation Wool - Beulah Speckled Face, Hebridean, Norfolk Horn, North Ronaldsay, Wensleydale
Fleece from 20 different breeds

The Knit Studio - Shop in Newcastle upon Tyne & mail order. British sheep breeds include Shetland, Blue-Faced Leicester, Manx, Black Welsh, Grey Suffolk, Jacob and Hebridean
Tops and Spinning fibre

The Risby Flock of Pedigree Lincoln Longwools  Carded fibre, tops, hand-made felt pieces.  Undyed

The Syke Farm  Home produced alpaca fibre for sale. £10/100g.

The Threshing Barn -  Herdwick, Black Welsh Mountain, North Ronaldsey, Jacob, Shetland, Icelandic, Wensleydale, Ouessant, Alpaca and Mohair goat, Bluefaced Leicester, Texel
Fleece, spinning fibre

The Woolshed, Shop in Evie, Orkney, KW17 2NN.
North Ronaldsay roving & fleece

Triskelion Yarn & Fibre -Alpaca - hand dyed
Spinning Batts

Twist Fibre Craft Studio - Corriedale, Wensleydale, Bluefaced Leicester, Shetland, Alpaca, Mohair
Spinning fibre

Wensleydale Longwool Sheepshop - Shop near Leyburn, Yorkshire Dales or mail order - details on website.
Garments, fibre & yarn, many dyed colours.

Wharfedale Woolworks - Bluefaced Leicester, Wensleydale, Masham and Dorset Horn listed with Shetland, Cotswold, Teeswater and Jacob
Spinning Fibre

Wheeldale Woolcrafts - Mail order or visit by arrangement - Sinnington, York. British sheep breeds including Swaledale, Hebridean, Shetland, BFL, Teeswater, Herdwick, Shetland.
Washed Fleece, Batts, Rovings, Tops

Whitehall Farm - Gotland

Wiggly Wigglers - Zwartbles

Wild Fibres  Wool tops for spinning from many different UK sheep breeds

Wildcraft - Ryeland, Shetland, BFL, Cheviot, British UK Merino, Undyed, hand painted, dyed.
Raw & Washed Fleece, Batts, Rovings, Tops

Willofibre -Various breeds, dyed and undyed, including Teeswater, Masham, Shetland, Jacob

Wingham Wool Work -Large range of white and natural coloured breeds - too many breeds to list.
Combed tops and scoured fleece

Wool Clip - Herdwick
fleece & tops - natural and overdyed (some other breeds as well)
Outlet only, Caldbeck in Cumbria

Wool Tops - Falkland Merino & Corriedale

Woolcraft with Wensleydale - White & undyed coloured Wensleydale tops, locks & felting mats

Woolforbrains - Many different breeds, breed sample packs available.Online ordering

Woolrush - Hand dyed British wool spinning fibre
Tops, carded batts, locks
Woolyknit  Good selection British wool tops, dyed and natural fleece colours

World of Wool - Over 20 breeds (NB not all British Wool, so check if that is important to you)
Fleece, tops

Yarns From The Plain - Hand dyed British wool spinning fibre

Ystrad Traditional Organics - Wensleydale and Wensleydale 'cross'

Yummy Yarns UK -Wensleydale, Bluefaced Leicester, Shetland, Icelandic, Leicester Longwool and other British breeds such as Shropshire.
Hand dyed/painted spinning fibre